Preschool 1st Aid Kit

Keeping all children healthy is our utmost concern. We are constantly working in every room to assure that your child is in a germ-free environment. We use the same products to sanitize our rooms that you would find in a physician's offices. Each room is cleaned daily to be assured that toys, shelves, carpets, cots / beds and all equipment are kept in the highest degree of cleanliness.

The parents of any child who displays a contagious rash, diarrhea, vomiting, and temperature over 100° or has any other flu like symptom will be contacted so they can attend to the child's needs. The child must be picked up within one hour of the notification and if the child is not picked up after this one-hour grace period, a fee will be assessed to your account. A child must have a normal temperature and symptom free for 24 hours before returning to the center.

When a communicable disease has broken out in a specific classroom then a communicable disease form will be posted on the door of that classroom. This form will state the disease, incubation period, and common symptoms according to the Board of Health. Any contaminated areas will be extensively sanitized to promote a healthy learning environment.

Preschool CPR Demonstration

Medications will only be administered to your child with a current physician's medication order form. Parents are responsible for obtaining all vaccinations in a timely manner for their child as well as providing the office with all vaccination dates.

In the infant area, only unopened food items and clean serving items are used to ensure proper feeding practices. If an infant or toddler has an older sibling, the sibling is not allowed to enter the infant or toddler rooms in order to cut down on the transmission of germs and illness.

All parents entering an infant room must remove their shoes. All staff will change their outdoor shoes to shoes they keep at Heartland Hall. This is to help cut down on germs.

All staff is trained in CPR at Heartland Hall, however the sooner a victim gets to a defibrillator the higher the survival rate. For this reason we have a defibrillator in our center. This device is approved for infants, children and adults. Our administration staff is trained in the use of the defibrillator if the need should arise. The welfare and safety of our children and staff is our greatest concern and we feel having this machine makes us better equipped to handle even the gravest of emergencies.


The cafeteria and kitchen are under the direct supervision of our full time cook. The cook oversees the preparation, ordering, and cleanliness of food as well as the serving areas and kitchen. She has received accreditation in food borne illness prevention. Her meals are home-made and the children love her cooking. She also supervises our full time dishwasher. All children two years of age and older are served in the cafeteria for ALL food items. No foods are served in the older classrooms.Read more here...

Safety Policies

We are very committed to ensuring the safety of your child daily. We understand the peace of mind a parent needs when entrusting their child to us each day. More about our day care safety related policies here.

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