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We understand the concern that parents have regarding the safety of their child while outside. We have two very large state of the art playgrounds, one for infant and toddler department, and another for our older children. Both of these playgrounds are completely surrounded by a gated fence. All playground equipment is surrounded completely by State certified safety zone. All playgrounds meet State and National guidelines. All of our children have plenty of space to develop physically while outside.

Large Safe, Comfortable Playground

The large playground for older children covers one acre completely enclosed by a six foot privacy fence. All of this equipment is also surrounded by a State certified safety zone. A gazebo located in the playground area allows a place for uncomfortable hot days and also sharing a story or activity with the teacher. Our path that circles our playground is perfect for riding safety tricycles, running relays, or a leisurely stroll. The large open field is designed for group activities and sports (baseball, soccer, football, etc.)

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Both playgrounds are inspected daily by the staff. The administration also checks the playgrounds to insure that all safety standards are maintained at all times. Checking of all equipment, fencing, and area are included.

Safety Policies

We are very committed to ensuring the safety of your child daily. We understand the peace of mind a parent needs when entrusting their child to us each day. More about our day care safety related policies here.


Children during this age will share germs all day. The day care staff is interacting consistently to disinfect toys, tables, and everything the child touches. Hands and faces are washed throughout the day to stop the spread of germs. All children and teachers hands are to be washed before and after presenting foods, wiping noses, coughing, sneezing, outdoor play and before using water tables, and after changing of diapers/ toileting, all children and teachers hands are washed. Dental hygiene begins by brushing teeth every day after lunch. More about our day care health related policies here.

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