Preschool Carmel Indiana Safety

We are very committed to ensuring the safety of your child daily. We understand the peace of mind a parent needs when entrusting their child to us each day.

Emergency Procedures

Every staff member is trained in CPR and Universal Precautions yearly. They are also trained in First Aid every three years.

Fire and tornado drills are performed monthly for the staff and children. During fire drills, children are helped out of the building quickly. Children and staff are completely out of the building in less than two minutes. During severe weather, the children are placed in a secure area in a central location in around two minutes. All staff have their children with them at all times and are constantly counting and checking to ensure that the children are with them and are secure.

Carmel Indiana Preschool Safety

Emergency Contacts

We have an emergency book that is kept in the administration office with all information for contacting each set of parents.


All staff is trained in CPR at Heartland Hall, however the sooner a victim gets to a defibrillator the higher the survival rate. For this reason we have a defibrillator in our center. This device is approved for infants, children and adults. Our administration staff is trained in the use of the defibrillator if the need should arise. The welfare and safety of our children and staff is our greatest concern and we feel having this machine makes us better equipped to handle even the gravest of emergencies.

Preschool CPR Demonstration

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